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Catalogue | 2013-02
Barden Super Precision Ball Bearings Speciality Products


Welcome to the World of Barden Precision Ball Bearings

Barden/FAG is the pre-eminent leader in super precision ball bearing manufacturing in the world today. Barden super precision bearings excel in applications where bearings of lesser quality have failed. If superior accuracy, reliability of operation, long-life, high running speeds and low noise and vibration are requirements in your application, Barden/FAG precision bearings are the bearings of choice.


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Barden's essential reference guide to super precision bearings now available

Super precision ball bearings manufacturer The Barden Corporation, has published a new fully revised and redesigned product catalogue, which not only includes the company's complete range of standard bearings, but also updated 'Special Applications' and 'Engineering' sections. The catalogue is user-friendly and is an essential reference guide for design engineers, OEMs and end users.

Barden Specialty Products
2012-09-27 | LIBRARY

Barden New Publication on Thin Section Bearings!

For over sixty years, The Barden Corporation has manufactured custom-designed ball bearings for unique and challenging applications.

Thin Section Bearings
2012-03-14 | LIBRARY

Bearing Solutions for High Speed Dental Handpieces

A dental handpiece is perhaps one of the most challenging of all bearing applications. The bearing has to operate at speeds of up to 500,000 rpm and the handpiece undergoes repeated sterilization. These conditions, combined with continual build up of operating debris, can cause the bearing to fail more quickly than excepted.

Bearing Solutions for High Speed Dental Handpieces
2011-08-25 | LIBRARY

Starter Generator Applications

For a starter generator application there are several things to consider when choosing a quailty bearing.

Starter Generator Applications
2011-06-06 | LIBRARY

Precision Bearing Solutions for Industrial Applications

The Barden Corporation possesses capabilities far beyond the realm of traditional, standard catalog product. Our ability to provide NDT (non destructive testing), ceramic balls and custom materials gives you solutions and opportunities that previously may not have been available. These capabilities can be passed on to your customers resulting in a higher impact to safety, decreased downtime and cost.

Precision Bearing Solutions for Industrial Applications