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Cronidur® 30 Spindle Bearings

Cronidur® 30 is a spindle bearing material developed by Barden's parent company FAG, in collaboration with Bochum University and VSG Energie Technik.

It is now available in ceramic hybrid spindle bearings.

Cronidur® 30 is a martensitic through-hardened steel that, because of its alloy composition — carbon, nitrogen, chromium and molybdenum — exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance, strength, durability and high-temperature hardness. Cronidur® 30 is suitable wherever extreme toughness and long life are required.

Tests have shown that Cronidur® 30 spindle bearings can achieve speeds of 2.0 million DmN with grease lube at stable temperatures, while conventional hybrid bearings reached their limit at 1.5 million DmN. At contact pressures of 360,000 PSI under boundary lubrication conditions life values exceed 52100 bearings by a factor of 10. Cronidur® 30's corrosion resistance — is 100 times better than that of 440C, long considered the standard material for corrosion resistant bearings.

Dm=Pitch diameter in mm
N=Speed in RPM


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